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30 April 2020

Lawrence Edward Fournier was born on April 28th 1944 to John & Effie Fournier in Utica, New York. He had 3 sisters, Patricia Fournier (Runge), June Fournier (Jones) and Elizabeth M. Fournier (Smith) and 2 brothers, John & Ronald Fournier. Larry was a golf caddie and delivered newspapers while in high school, before graduating in 1963 from Oriskany Central School in Oriskany, New York. Larry loved dogs so much he decided to work at a kennel where he groomed and cared for them. He then Joined the Airforce and served 3 tours in Vietnam as aircraft maintenance Crew Chief on F104 Starfighters from 1965-1967. He was stationed at Da Nang Air base while on active duty. Upon arrival to the United States, he was stationed in Victorville California at George Airforce Base. When Larry made it home to Oriskany, NY he continued to work on jets at his local airport. He moved to California and in 1979 he married Maureen Karen Bush, who at the time had 3 children, Ronda Anderson, Tammy Anderson, and Ronald Anderson Ill, whom he raised. With Maureen he had an additional 2 children, Chad Eric Fournier, and myself Adam Jacob Fournier. Larry worked at Related Products as an Industrial Salesman and retired after 18 years. In 2009 Larry started showing signs of Parkinson's Disease and in 2010 was diagnosed with Agent Orange exposed Parkinson's Disease from the war in Vietnam. Due to ailments from his disease, Larry Passed Away on April 30th 2020, 2 days after his 76th birthday. For his great service to our country Larry is honored by plaques from his children in Oroville & Chico, Ca. He was buried with full military honors in Igo, California at Northern California Veterans Cemetery with his wife Maureen Fournier. Larry leaves behind 4 children, many nieces and nephews, grandchildren, and many brothers in arms, friends, and family. He was a great man and a hero in my eyes, and will be loved and remembered always.

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